Pettes & Hesser, Ltd Automobile Program

This program is tailored to the Finance and Insurance Department for the Automobile Dealer. Our main program consists of the Vehicle Service Contract (VSC). The Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) consists of New and Used Vehicle Programs, which wrap around the normal factory warranties. These programs are provided by Financially stable and credible Insurance Companies and Administrators which hold AM Best ratings that are recognized by the financing arms of the factory and Banks.

Other programs include Paint Sealants, Guaranteed Automobile Protection (GAP), Credit Insurance, Tire and Wheel, Ding and Dent, and other products suitable for the customer who desire protection for their vehicle. Companies providing these products and service also hold high AM Best ratings.

  • Exclusionary Coverage – Lifted Vehicles OK
  • Terms to 7 years, Engines for life, Coverage for Any Year, Any Mileage, Dealer Participation and Reinsurance.

Appearance Protection

*Chemical Sealant Programs *No up front cost for the chemicals

  • Exterior Sealants
  • Interior Sealants
  • Rust Proofing
  • Undercoating
  • 5 Year Warranties
  • Renewable for Life
  • Ease of Application
  • 7000 + Dealerships

Tire Coverage

*Tire Choice Road Hazard and Wheel Protection *100% reimbursement for tires and wheels damaged by road hazards *All Tire Choice plans include 24 hour roadside assistance

GAP Coverage

Guaranteed Asset Protection covers the difference between the loan balance and the settlement check in the event of a total constructive loss.

  • Towing service
  • Battery Service – Jump Start
  • Flat tire assistance

  • Fuel, oil, and water service
  • Toll free, 24-hour service anywhere in the U.S.A
  • No limits on number of service calls
  • No out of pocket expense

Additional Products

Anti-Theft, Maintenance Programs, Ding & Dent and Zero Interest Financing on all insured products.